Jose Salangsang for Team Member Testimonials

March 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jose Salangsang, Technology Coordinator

Why did you join United Schools Associates?

Jose Salangsang: Hi, I'm Jose. I joined USA because I live for the company's mission. USA was born to serve. and in almost two years of working for USA and Coach C, I can definitely say that they're being true to their mission. I also want to be a medium in providing world class service. And through USA, I'm able to do that as their technology coordinator, wherein I make sure that all the technical parts of the business are working smoothly and our user friendly.

What do you like most about working for United Schools Associates?

Jose Salangsang: What I like most about working for USA USA USA Is that the growth and opportunities to be better and efficient are endless and knowing that I don't have to go through learning new things alone. I also love to see a very passionate company to its clients, very dedicated team, very dynamic boss. So as Coach C. always say, We're one big family here in USA.

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