John Hill for Team Member Testimonials

July 13, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: john hill, Financial Planner

Why did you join United Schools Associates?

john hill: I'm proud to have joined the USA team, Wendell and his team because they align with my core values, those core values of excellence, they do things the right way to go the extra mile for people and in my clients over the years, that's something that I've really stressed. If you go the extra mile, people will stick with you. And so that's why I'm with them. The other thing is their integrity. They mean what they say and they do it the right way behind the scenes. And so, um, I have a soft spot for teachers because I have family that are teachers and those teachers, they don't get paid enough, right, They lay their life on their line every day for our kids, they teach them and raise them up to be successful tomorrow. And that's what we're doing and it's what I do in the retirement industry where I help people retire down the road. We hold their hands every day. So that's a great alignment for me, my team and Wendell's team at USA and I'm proud to be here

What do you like most about working for United Schools Associates?

john hill: what do I like most about working with USA well why do his team are a joy to work with, first of all have great personality. That's important. You have to have fun. But I like working with teachers. I like working with with the teachers that have sacrificed for our kids and to know that we're given back to them. Um is a fraction of what they're doing for us I think is that's really great because what we do in retirement where it's something that people don't believe they can achieve, but we can show them that they can and we can give them a clear blueprint on how to do that. And there's some ups and downs, but it's fun along the way to build the relationships with the clients and working with Wendell and his team to make it easy to do that. And so it's a joy every day to, to meet new clients and help them achieve their financial goals.

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