William S. Holder for The Educators' Group Benefits Company

November 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: William S. Holder

Introduce yourself. (State your name and the School District you work for)

William S. Holder : Hi, my name is William holder I am a recently retired building engineer for Chicago public schools.

How did United Schools Associates help you?

William S. Holder : I had a paycheck protection policy with United Schools Associates, so in 2020 I injured my knee pretty seriously, and it couldn't work. I was off for most of the year, and my paycheck protection plan covered me for that entire period of time, and my agent, Wendell carter worked with me every step of the way. Um, it was a very pleasant experience and it definitely was a lifesaver.

Would you recommend United Schools Associates to other educators?

William S. Holder : I would, definitely, without hesitation, recommend United Schools Associates to anyone else that needs a paycheck protection or any other type of programs they do stand by their clients.

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