Useeth Davis

September 05, 2023

Useeth Davis

Video Transcript

Introduce yourself. (State your name and the School District you work for)

My name is Useeth Davis. I'm a member of United School (Associates) Education group. That's the most wonderful decision that I made.

How did United Schools Associates help you?

I had a knee replacement surgery and the worst feeling was I thought I had sick days and I didn't because prior to my surgery I went on bed rest and Mr. Carter reinsured me that I would be taken care of and it was nothing to stress about because I didn't get paid for almost five months. And so all the facts and the testimony is true. I'm a person that benefited from having this type of policy and I would recommend it to everybody. As matter of fact, I told Mr. Carter that he's got to come and educate the educators on the programs that the United School educator group has. And so I'm a living witness. There's no prerecorded method. It's coming from my heart because they they take care of you from their heart.

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