Christopher Ryan for The Educators' Group Benefits Company

September 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christopher Ryan

Introduce yourself. (State your name and the School District you work for)

Christopher Ryan : My name is Christopher Ryan and I was an emotional support teacher in the Philadelphia school district.

How did United Schools Associates help you?

Christopher Ryan : United Schools was amazing. The stress of teaching got to me and I became disabled. I had seizures and they got progressively worse to a point where I tried to work at other places and, and ended up culminating in brain surgery, United paid out for my disability and then even for the brain surgery for the operation, they, and it wasn't like, uh, oh, this will cover your mortgage kind of thing. It was uh this will pay all your bills kind of thing. They were wonderful. All the credit card debt that I, I'm now permanently disabled and all the credit card debt that I racked up while I was waiting for disability I was able to cover and help because United Schools was there. I'm so grateful.

Would you recommend United Schools Associates to other educators?

Christopher Ryan : I would recommend United Schools to anybody who can get it because even when you're not teaching, if you move on, you go, you can take it with you, but they're gonna be there. You never know what's gonna happen in life. Believe me, you, you, you can't plan on your future. You can only cover it and United Schools is gonna do that for you there. They were wonderful. Any, any anybody who can, who can get this plan, I recommend it. It saved me. Thank you United Schools.

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