Mustard Seed Migration Grant: Piedmont UMC

August 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Mathew Philip, Pastor, Piedmont UMC, GA, USA

What motivated your congregation to apply for this grant?

Mathew Philip: The motivation to apply for this grant came because of a need that we identified around the community of our church that there are families who have undocumented people, especially parents with their children, being born here and these parents are facing some legal issues and some of them are separated from their children and these children need special care, as they are living currently with their friends and families and some relatives.

Why is work with refugees and migrants an important ministry of the church?

Mathew Philip: The church wants to be a place where families and children can feel safe and happy without worrying about the future status of their parents. So the church decided to step up and support this initiative by providing the basic needs for these children and also for these families and also meeting with them on a regular basis to give them moral support.

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