Justyna for 2PC Video Testimonials

December 07, 2022

Great testimonial from a coach about their transformative experience with the "Two Powerful Coaches", Matt Stewart and Derrick Yanford.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Justyna

Introduce yourself and share the transformative experience you had in 2 minutes or less. Thanks!

Justyna: Hi there, my name is Justyna and I'm from Poland. And I just want to share about my unforgettable and transformative experience of being coached by the "Two Powerful Coaches", Matt and Derrick, who made me remember how powerful and worthy I already was/am and I am still riding the energy of of our last session together. I watched the recording of our session twice in a row and I am going to continue rewatching it over and over again for all the insights and gems that I got from the from working with them. So, I just want to express my gratitude and I can recommend them as a team of truly, truly powerful coaches!

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