Best countries to Study MBBS in Abroad 2022

June 06, 2022

Pursuing MBBS in abroad is most common among Indian students. Countries all over the world develop the structural design of the course according to the criteria they deem as best suited~

Video Transcript

Hey guys, welcome back to Lincoln issued A. B. So today we are here to discuss about a major topic. This topic is one of the most common topic between the medical experience who want to pursue MBS from Russia. So today's topic is the key points to keep in mind before going to pursue mbas in Russia. So let's start. I have already shared about me in previous videos. I am shyam Sharma, I am in Haryana State University, I came here in the year 2000 and 18 and in these years I have experienced a lot and the things which we will discuss today, the points are personally experienced by me. I have attended many seminars in India there I noticed that many students and parents have same doubts and let's clear them out. Our first point is apart from tuition fees of Medical University in Russia or any other country. Are there any other living expenses? The answer is yes. So what should be our budget? As you know, MBBS in Russia is of six years. So throughout your six years journey, your total expense will be 20 to 30 lakhs which will include your living expenses, tuition fees, food expenses, traveling expenses and other expenses too. So before going to Russia for medical studies, you should plan this budget according to your university which you are choosing. You don't have to pay this budget in once it is divided in every year. So you will be paying this amount little by little every year. Moving to our 2nd point is Russia safe. This is one of the most important point in the mind of parents basically for the female students. Okay. According to my personal experience, Russia is one of the most safest countries as far I see with a peaceful environment, there are no political rights as in many other countries you can see. So parents can be tension free because in Russia their Children are safe talking about our third point language. If you are going to Russia or any other country, you should know that every country has their own language. Talking about Russia, the native language is Russian. So if you are going to do mbas in Russia then you should learn Russian language as I told you in previous videos there will be Russian language classes in your universities and it will be counted as one of your main subject. But still many students have doubts are their subjects taught in english or Russian language. Yes the teach in english language but it does not mean you will not focus on your Russian language in the future. You will become a doctor and the first important task will be to interact with the patients and people which were coming in the hospital then how will you interact with them? If you will not focus on your Russian language not only in hospitals, but if you're going to buy something in the shops and malls, you need to know their language. They can't speak english because the native language is Russian as you know now I told you going to over four point is Russian medical University degree valid in India. First of all I will make it clear that the degree which you get from Russian medical colleges includes MBS. Plus MD. Yes this course is of six years and when you go back to India they count this degree only as MBS not MD. So yes this degree is valid in India and yes you have to clear that next exam. Or you can say the F. M. G. E. Exam to do further practice in India or MD. Same like indian medical universities. If you pursue your medical from India or if you pursue a medical from Russia. It is equally scene. They have to also give this exam and you have to also give this exam. So after clearing this six years your degree you will go India and you will give this F. M. G. Exam and after that you can practice in India the fifth and last point is self independent. What is this? It means see when you are at home with parents your parents doesn't let you do any work. They themselves do everything. We are mostly dependent on them not only parents somewhere and somehow to our friends and siblings but when you go to Russia it's a new life there you have to fix all your problems yourself. Being independent like maintaining your room bathroom preparing your food and everything. Yes about food you can get mass facilities but apart from this whole day you have to manage your problems yourself more like waking up for your morning classes and attending each and every lectures. Because attendance is must. In Russian Medical University they have their rules and regulations which you have to follow. These were the main key points to keep in mind before going to Russia for pursuing M. B. B. S. If you like this video, please like share subscribe and tell me about your other doubts. In the comment section below, we will meet you in the next video until then goodbye.

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