Oliver Bainbridge at Crossed Anchors

August 13, 2022

Hear Olli Bainbridge at Crossed Anchors Brewing, talk about their experience of working with Truly Intelligent Business.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Oliver Bainbridge, Crossed Anchors Brewing

How would you describe your experience of working with Truly Intelligent Business?

Oliver Bainbridge: Hi, it's Olli here from Crossed Anchors Brewing. I just wanted to quickly say a few words of thanks to Truly Intelligent Business We've used Phil Husband's company for every part of our expansion of Crossed Anchors. It's been an absolute joy. They've really made understanding our data and understanding the way we communicate so much easier than it ever was before. But probably most importantly, actually, the relationship that you gain when you work with Phil is really exceptional. He's amazingly wise on almost every subject Quite unbelievable, really. you know, with Phil, you know, on your side, you really can't go far wrong. Really, really great company and thoroughly recommend.

Why would you recommend others to work with Truly Intelligent Business?

Oliver Bainbridge: Hi. Hi, it's Olli here from Crossed Anchors Brewing. I'd just like to talk a little bit about why I would recommend Truly Intelligent Business to almost any business. And I think what I found from working with them is that is that it didn't seem to matter how small or how big the the requirements were. They always seem to find the right people within their business to to match what we were looking for. So they're really, really flexible. And they're they're really, really happy to have the small conversations, the little detail, bits that really fill in where it is the ultimately where it is that you need that support. And again, the kind of unique insight into the data once we were able to collect it properly was was beyond anything I'd even thought of. So yeah, I think everyone will be surprised at where their business can fit into this because there's always aspects.

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