Claire Adams at The Drum

August 13, 2022

Hear Claire Adams, Head of Data at The Drum, talk about their experience of working with Truly Intelligent Business.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Claire Adams, The Drum

What challenges or objectives led you to work with Truly Intelligent Business?

Claire Adams: Hi. My name is Claire. I'm in a Head of Data role at a digital publishing media company. I joined the company, and very quickly it was quite obvious that we needed to build a really strong framework. And also the one of the objectives that had come out was to create a data flywheel approach. So we knew we needed some support for this and that we didn't quite have the right skills in house. And we wanted to make sure that we took an approach that was robust, that would be very much future proofed and would save us some time. You know, we want we were looking for someone to help us who have could completely understand the business and to give us some shortcuts and some great tool kits to help us on our way as quickly as possible. One of my current colleagues had actually worked with Phil, in her previous role and said, you know, this guy is going to give you the right approach. You know, we needed some consultation and we needed it quickly. So that's why we ended up selecting Truly Intelligent Business. And we haven't looked back since. Thanks

What did Truly Intelligent Business do for you?

Claire Adams: Hi. So what did Truly Intelligent Business do for us and are still doing now? So they really understood our challenges. I think that's really important. Very quickly we had a great relationship with them, and they got the measure of our teams and the kind of skills that we had in the business and where we mostly needed support. We use their tried and tested assessments and tool kits and methodologies. So this really, really did speed up the time that it took to get our first steps, towards things like data cataloguing, to building a framework with better data governance to being very sure about are own compliance and really thinking about operationally how we are making data flow around the company. They also took some of the heavy lifting out of the work as well for us. So being a very, very busy company, you know, time is always of the essence, and some of the key members of the teams were caught up in other projects. So what Phil did was to actually do some of that work, and that was really, really valuable and also meant that again, the project could move on a lot quicker. And I think finally, and most importantly, it wasn't just a question of going off and doing work and then delivering it back to us, you know, actually taking the time to train us to share the why the hows and for us to then be now self sufficient and to take that, that kind of framework or that tool kit or that method, for example, data cataloguing and then apply it across other areas of our business. We are a team that do want to get on and learn and be able to rely on our own other team members to support.

Tell me about your experience of working with us. How did it go?

Claire Adams: So what is it like working with Truly Intelligent Business? It's great. They really are integrated, into our meetings into our projects. And, you know, it's great being able to talk to them like another member of the team, for example. Our projects ongoing. We've been doing a lot of work over the last few months, and we'll be doing some more over the next few months. And we have a group called the Data Champions Who are our Data Stewards and often Phil will come along and share some of the work we've been doing together, for example, explaining what data cataloguing means or helping to understand what the data framework is that we're using, which is great because it as well as giving them a technical edge, it also helps them to understand it in ways that they will also resonate with, but, you know, really Phil's kind of become an extension of the data team, in some of our management meetings, too. meetings, too And he's always there. If we need to just quickly run something past him or ask him a quick question. and we're also getting to know other members of the Truly Intelligent Business team as well. Now, which is great. You know, it really helps with that heavy lifting at times, but also, we're learning so much, and I suppose, in a mentoring capacity

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