Jenny Bicket for Data Capability Maturity Assessment Feedback

October 20, 2022

Hear how Jenny Bicket at Watson Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions, found our Data Capability Maturity Assessment

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jenny Bicket, Data Architect, Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions

Did the Data Capability Maturity Assessment meet your expectations?

Jenny Bicket: The data capability maturity assessment was really useful. It definitely met my expectations from start to finish, on working with Phil and the team to actually go through the results and coming up with some actions.

What difference will the Data Capability Maturity Assessment make to your team going forwards?

Jenny Bicket: For me, the difference will be that myself and my team can see where we're going, see what we need to focus on and see where the biggest difference is going to be made. The level of detail that is provided by the assessment and by conversations through Phil and his team means that I get a clear vision on what we need to focus on. And I can set those targets for myself and my team, along with the actions that we need to take to actually make that achievable. So it gives me that great scope of not only do I know what I need to go after, but I actually know the best way that I can do it in the best time frame as well.

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