Terry Pattinson for Client Testimonial Videos

August 25, 2022

Terry recently joined team Tribe for his HR support

Video Transcript

Speaker: Terry Pattinson, Managing Director, Enable Network Services Limited

Who are you and who do you help ?

Terry Pattinson: We are Enable Network Services I'm Terry Pattinson and we support service provider customers.

What challenges were you having before working with me ?

Terry Pattinson: We needed to have a more structured approach to Human Resources and that's why we reached that to Debbie.

What reservations did you have before working with me ?

Terry Pattinson: We weren't certain that we were covering off all of the regulatory, requirements and making sure that we were doing everything correctly, as well as being concerned that we weren't following best practice.

What changes/results have you had since working with me ?

Terry Pattinson: We have redone all our contracts and now we are much, much more certain that everything that we're doing from an HR compliance perspective is accurate and follows best practice.

Would you recommend me / tribalHR and why ?

Terry Pattinson: I would definitely recommend TribalHR and Debbie and her team, I've found working with her really simple and straightforward and I'm now much more confident that we are implementing and following best practice.

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