Papirly CEO - Client Testimonial Video

June 21, 2022

Here is Phil Owers the CEO of Paprifly talking about his journey with TribalHR

Video Transcript

Speaker: Phil Owers

Who are you and who do you help ?

Phil Owers: Hi, I'm followers and I'm the Ceo of Papirfly UK. We're marketing technology company that works with global organizations to help them deliver their brand around the world consistently and authentically.

What challenges were you having before working with me ?

Phil Owers: I was building up my business and it was really important to me because I've come from a larger company before that had an HR team to make sure all the things were in place. So even though we're a very small team at that time, I'm really glad when I look back to the size we are now that we started off with the right paperwork, the right processes in place. And that was really key to me and why I approached Debbie in the first place.

What reservations did you have before working with me ?

Phil Owers: I need to know that by working with someone externally, they were going to treat my business as importantly as theirs, and especially when it comes to the people. So I just need to make sure that I found the right person, right company that was going to treat my people advise on my people in the way that I would like to be treated myself, and that's exactly what I went looking for.

What changes/results have you had since working with me ?

Phil Owers: Debbie and Tribal HR. Have made a massive difference to our business. I think in lots of ways. We certainly knew how to manage people and the culture that wanted to build. But it was about getting the right legal advice, the right compliance to make sure we have the right paperwork in place, the right technology. And so therefore Debbie has made a massive, had a massive influence on bringing those things into our business. And as the business grew then we then had line managers that needed to understand these things too. And so the team tribalHR have always been able to support us. If you need any advice, they're there for you. You can make sure you do things fairly and treat people as you would like to be treated. And I really see that as a really strong role that Debbie provides is just that bit that you may not have considered or something has changed within the legalities of doing things that you just need to, I wasn't even aware of that and there's been quite a few cases but also proactive so they are bringing you information and updates of what's happening in legislation, which is also really important to be kept up to date as a business owner.

Would you recommend me / tribalHR and why ?

Phil Owers: I would absolutely recommend the team and Debbie at Tribal HR they've had a massive impact on our business as it grew. Um it was important that we put the right structure and process in place. Plus the technology and Debbie has had a really strong influence in doing that. Um she's such a pleasure to work with. I always feel confident and I know the line managers always feel really confident with the advice that they are given by Debbie and it's often things that you haven't even considered that Debbie will put forward, and I really love that, you know, that's why you are working with a specialist. And Debbie has been able to really provide that as a service, even though she's not part of the company. It feels like she is, she really is an extension to make sure that we've been able to do the HR part of our business as well as we possibly could. And I think that's had a massive impact on the success of the organization as it's grown.

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