Check out Toast in Augusta, GA!

February 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Manny Hatzis: Hey guys, this is the greek chef Manny Hatches supporting Toast. We've been using Toast since the day we open and we love it. These handhelds make all the world of difference, taking people's credit cards at the table, able to ring up checks, able to ring up orders and have it all cashed out right here by this little buddy, right here, that Greek Chef Manny Sports off Broad. We love toast, we use toast, we use it for everything because it's a great POS System POS System and with KDS in the kitchen, you can't go wrong.

Dick Dickerson: Dick Dickerson, Wing Place in Aiken South Carolina CSRA We are supporting Toast. We've got it, whether you're a customer at a table or the bartender behind the bar, everything you need right here in this little tablet. We love it. It's doing great for us. You should give it a try.

Haley Smallwood: Little crazy, but it's been pretty fun, toast has been such a great support system, as far as opening the new part of this business that I have implemented since owning it. It's been a great, great aid in marketing, all that kind of good stuff. So yeah, come see us.

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