TNAA Video Testimonials - James Quick

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: James Quick, President of SimpliFi


James Quick: Hi, this is James quick. I just want to take a minute and talk about why it's important that we recognize employee appreciation and also what I appreciate about all of you that are out there working our on our behalf. And I think for me just in the last couple of weeks, um as I've thought about this, we have so many outstanding team members. And there are times when I'm in meetings with folks, you know with customers or even just walking down the hall at our office and seeing what somebody's doing the computer here and somebody talked to a customer health system or to a nurse. Um and just were such an organization that takes pride in our work. We have such outstanding people. I often feel in my heart just a sense of oh my gosh, this person is doing a great job and you know they didn't know somebody was watching and they didn't know somebody was thinking that. So I just was really tickled when I got asked to do this and I thought what a great opportunity for me to express that to you all. How much I appreciate all that you do throughout the organization. I know there are many of you I work with on a very frequent basis and others that I don't, but I know what outstanding job we do for our travelers for the health systems we support and I appreciate you guys so happy employee appreciation week. Um and keep up the great work. Thanks

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