Tim McKenzie for TNAA Video Testimonials

March 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim McKenzie, CEO


Tim McKenzie: Everybody. You know I had two experiences over the past couple of weeks shopping which I rarely do. The first one was um I was looking for an item. It took me 20, it took them 20 to 30 minutes um To have somebody the right person come and visit with me is all about the transaction, nothing personal. Uh so not only was it a long way but it just wasn't a great experience. The second one actually spent 20 minutes talking to this gentleman who had moved here from Oregon with his wife. I had a big tattoo on his arm and the story behind all that. We had a great interaction. You know it was, I spent about the same thing but I walked away from one feeling completely different than I walked away from the other as we kind of approach employee appreciation day. I just wanted to say thank you thank you to to all of you and I hope I don't forget every any group but to fred and the innovation team, I want to say thank you barry to you and your digital team and lee and the information services group and Katie and also steve Curtin and the gypsy nurse team. I want to say thank you scott to you and marissa and the marketing team. Thank you James to you and the entire simplified team to Bambi in our clinical and compliance teams and Dolor E Catherine and Christie over client strategy and MSP operations. I just want to say thank you jean thank you for your operations team to carla and Ashley and people Ops and Cindy and our H. R. I. S. And benefits and are generalist team and Delores and her legal team and Shannon and our Wendy's and Rosie and june and Q. A. Housing and contract admin. Thank you. Thank you. And your teams you know to scott to you and the whole finance team and brian you know the financial services group and kelly and financial ops and Janet and her team who control all things and to jay and Curtis thank you for the work that you do and Jill to you and your clinical team and to misty and our nursing directors and clinical liaisons and Wendy and to Beverly and a referencing team. I just want to say thank you to you and Kathy to you and the client services team to Betsy and R. Three C. S. D. S along with Barley and the AML team and to Donna and our account managers and Nicole in contracts. Thank you and and to you Greta, thank you um for running our Florence office and keeping that open and two rows into your dream team attend directors and all our recruiters and recruited liaisons. Thank you and to nancy to you and your new R. I. T. Class and all those that have graduated and come through your training. Thank you and also want to thank Bev and tom who run this place with a heart to serve all of us so Bev and tom thank you very much. You know, we're in the people business and we matter to the people we serve. Uh we make a difference, we make a difference to our travelers, our client contacts and we make a difference to each other and how we interact. And we matter in a very, very day to day that we do all of that's important for us to do business, but also to do a person to person. So thank you T. N. A. Have a great week, have a great day. And uh I just wanted to say thank you to everybody. See you.

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