Employee Appreciation Day

February 27, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jean Cook

Employee Appreciation Day Jean Cook, COO

Jean Cook: Hello everyone. I'm Gene Cook. I'm the C. 00. Here at T. N. A. Employee appreciation day. Why? Why is it important? There is no business, no organization that can get their mission done that can do what they need to do without their employees. Employees make it happen every day. And while we strive to appreciate you in multiple ways, all during the year, having a special day to call out our employees is an important piece of our thanks to you.

Jean Cook: I am especially proud. I am especially thankful to work at a company who has such a powerful mission and such a dedicated group of employees. To accomplish that mission, our mission is, we fulfill lives through meaningful employment. We provide meaningful employment to healthcare professionals and to all of you and through that meaningful employment of our healthcare professionals. Somebody's grandmother, parent child, relative, friend spouse is being taken care of every day in the hospitals all over the country, where our travelers are doing their good work. So it's especially meaningful to me to thank all of you and to thank all of our travelers for the valuable work they do and the extra wonderful heart with which I know all of you do your work. Thank you so much.

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