TNAA Dream Big Jan Winner- Horizontal

February 08, 2023

Video Transcript

TNAA Dream Big really is an opportunity for us to just give back to the healthcare community, the traveling community and thank you for what you do and thank you for choosing TNAA. Because we understand that there are other agencies that you could go with, there are other career paths that you could go on, and we just appreciate your partnership and relationship that we've gotten to build with you, and and I know from talking to Colleen in a short time about you that she absolutely loves working with you. So it makes it extra sweet when we have travelers that are truly appreciated and just very deserving of this. So Jordan, I am very excited to tell you that through TNAA Dream Big, we are congratulating you with $25,000. Oh wow that is that's so exciting! That's crazy. Thank you guys so much! Wow that was so unexpected. Thank you guys, I'm just still in kind of in shock. I was gonna say like I'm, as like most nurses, I'm like 90% burnt out of nursing in general and so like just having this little light of relief and hope, it's just truly a blessing from you guys. So thank you again. Well thank you Jordan for everything that you've done. We know it hasn't been easy but it's nurses like you that have made the last few years even bearable. You know there's a lot of people that have gone through a lot and you guys have been at their side the whole way. And you guys have taken the brunt of that, so hopefully you can use this money to go on a trip to Europe and experience everything you wanted to experience.

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