Talent Marketing Board Chair Sarah Steele from Bosch

March 22, 2024

Bosch Senior Manager of Employer Brand and Talent Marketing Sarah Steele shares how the Talent Marketing Board has saved them time and money.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sarah Steele, Bosch

Would you describe a time that the Talent Marketing Board saved you time or money (or both)?

Sarah Steele: Our organization was looking for an all-encompassing recruitment marketing agency to support us with things like programmatic job advertising, traditional media buying, and analytics. Before we even started a request for proposal process, we leveraged the Talent Marketing Board to better understand what vendors they had used, and what their experience was like with these vendors. We actually ended up using a lot of those vendor suggestions in our selection process, and ultimately chose one of the vendors that came highly rated by members of the Talent Marketing Board. So being a part of the Board saved us time and the headache of having to do all this research up front. Not to mention we had first-hand reviews from clients who are already using these vendors and could give us great feedback.

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