Assurant's Niki Ferrans on how the Talent Marketing Board has helped out

July 12, 2022

Assurant Manager of Employer Marketing Niki Ferrans shares how the Talent Marketing Board has provided insights around vendors, strategies, and more.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Niki Ferrans, Assurant

Could you describe a time when the community helped you?

Niki Ferrans: Without getting too specific, we've had quite a few topics that we brought to our partners at the Talent Marketing Board, and anytime we have a question, we certainly, typically start with Fast Feedback. We've been able to influence what type of calls that we have with the whole entire Board. And we've also made some one-on-one connections. So we've been able to pick people's brains about different topics like vendors, or strategies, or as policies change across the nation in the world, how people are handling that. We're given multiple ways to discuss that and figure out the best path for us forward.

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