Talent Marketing Board Founder Jared Nypen from Great Clips

March 22, 2024

Great Clips VP of Talent Jared Nypen talks about his experience as a Founding Member of the Talent Marketing Board.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jared Nypen, Great Clips

Why did you choose to become a Founding Member of the Talent Marketing Board?

Jared Nypen: We joined the Talent Marketing Board because throughout my career, I have always valued the organizations that we can be a part of where we can get some immediate benchmarking from other companies, we can get information from them that helps us stay relevant, and we have some go-to connections at any time we've got a question or a problem that we're trying to solve, and we need some help. We know exactly who to go to to get some immediate answers and to get that insight that we were looking for. So it's just a great group for us to be a part of so that we can continue to move our own business forward.

Could you describe a time when the community helped you?

Jared Nypen: Just recently, we discovered that a number of our applications coming in to our company were fake. A lot of data that really didn't make sense to us. And so one of the first things we did was we asked the question to the Talent Marketing Board to see if anyone else was experiencing this and to find out if any of those companies were using the same vendors or job boards that we were using so we could hopefully identify some patterns. And within minutes, we had responses from a number of companies that let us know that we weren't alone, as well as let us know that we weren't alone using the same vendors that we were using. So it really allowed us to go back to our vendors to say, "Hey, we know there's more that are experiencing this. Let's look into this, let's dig in, let's find out what's going on." That's the time that the Talent Marketing Board really helped us with some immediate benchmarking that helped us solve the issue ourselves as well as work with our vendors to help solve that issue.

What sets the Talent Marketing Board apart from other organizations?

Jared Nypen: One thing that I think really sets the Talent Marketing Board apart is that there are no vendors. A lot of the other organizations that we subscribe to or are a part of, they're very focused on the vendors who are likely the ones giving them the funding to operate as an organization. But then we're also subjected to the conversations of them trying to sell us their products as well. So that's one thing that I love about this organization is that there's no vendors. It's just companies like us that are trying to solve different issues, get insight from other companies, without vendor input. So, we like that.

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