Talent Marketing Board Founding Member Charlotte Jones

June 30, 2022

Two-time Talent Marketing Board Chair at Lockheed Martin and Stanley Black & Decker, Charlotte Jones, talks about her experience as a Founding Member of the community.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Charlotte Jones, Two-time Board Chair at Lockheed Martin and Stanley Black & Decker

Why did you choose to become a Founding Member of the Talent Marketing Board?

Charlotte Jones: Initially, what caught my attention was the ability to speak with those in my profession and discipline to discuss details around strategies, around best practices, technology, or measures of success. And these are not just one-time conversations. They are detailed, how-to conversations where we can talk one on one or have dedicated show-and-tell meetings. What I didn't expect was building a network of friends and allies in a time of need, because with this community I can share challenges and roadblocks and then realize solutions.

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