Britton Bloch on what sets the Talent Marketing Board apart

July 11, 2022

Navy Federal Credit Union VP of Talent Acquisition Strategy & Head of Recruiting Britton Bloch explains why being vendor-free sets the Talent Marketing Board community apart from other organizations.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Britton Bloch, Navy Federal Credit Union

What sets the Talent Marketing Board apart?

Britton Bloch: I think what really sets Talent Marketing Board apart from other memberships that I belong to -- and I do belong to quite a few -- is that it's a vendor-free platform. That's been wonderful, because I want to be able to engage on the forums without having unsolicited reach outs from vendors. That's very stressful, because I always like to reply to everybody. So the influx of vendor reach out can be a little bit wearing. So it is absolutely a perk to have it vendor-free, and I'm grateful for that.

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