Nathan Bocks for Customer Testimonial Videos

February 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nathan Bocks, Owner/Founder, Central Park Law, PLLC

Please introduce yourself and tell us why you chose Titan. How long have you been using Titan?

Nathan Bocks: I'm Nathan Box, the owner of Central Park Law in Holland michigan and I'm also the mayor of the city of Holland michigan. I run a small law firm and I've been using Salesforce for about 10 or 15 years and have always been looking for a way to be able to get client information both into Salesforce, but then also to use the information that's located in Salesforce to be able to create custom doc documents for my clients as efficiently as possible. I've used a lot of different forms systems over the years, but titan ended up being the one that has every single thing that I need for every different process that I use. I'm able to get both client information and using titan and then I'm also being able to generate the documents using titan quickly, easily and efficiently.

Could you describe how Titan meets your business needs? And which Titan products are you using and how?

Nathan Bocks: titan allows me to be able to take my client's information, both that I received here in the office and information that the clients provide themselves through my website and put that directly into Salesforce so I can manipulate that data and then use that data to be able to generate custom documents for my clients. I started out using form titan and used the forms for the intake portion of it and used another service for document generation. But as the document generation features have grown and become more efficient, I'm now using titan Web for my website. I'm using titan forms still with some of my legacy forms that I'm transferring over into the titan Web and I'm using titan documents, creating efficient documents for clients almost completely automated basis.

How would you describe the Titan experience? What, if anything, sets Titan apart from competitors?

Nathan Bocks: techniques, customer service has been second to none. I have had questions throughout the process and through the development process and a lot of things that have been going on with titan titan Web and tightened forms and documents and I can send an email and get a response back within a couple of hours, sometimes in the case of just a couple of minutes and I'm talking to somebody who is a direct developer of the taking product, answering my questions and helping develop ways to be able to do things. I've made suggestions along the line of features that I think would be very helpful for me and have been incredibly impressed that some of those features have been implemented within days of my asking for them what sets titan apart from anything else that's out there is the incredible power of the tools that titan has. I am able to do more things with my Salesforce data, both on the input side and in being able to use and manipulate that data and creating documents for my clients than any other system has had. It's truly been an all in one, all inclusive and incredibly powerful way for me to be able to gather data and use it within the Salesforce system and throughout titan

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