Introducing PL Office_v2

March 22, 2023

Video Transcript

Hey Everyone! Today I will not present myself and I will not speak so much as always. But I will present TIMOCOM Poland as a team - who we are, how we are working. Let's get to know TIMOCOM Poland. We're continuously growing and now we're almost 80 people working in team of TIMOCOM Poland. Most of us are working from office in Wrocław, Breslau. Exactly Where I'm standing now, but some of people are working from home office in city Piła. As TIMOCOM Poland we're responsible for the local customers from Poland, but also for the customers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia or other East Europe countries. Our team spread over seven departments sales, customer service, business security, debt collection, marketing who exactly now is helping me to record this video; human resources or IT. In our Polish office you could meet people from different countries with diverse culture, but definitely we are not divided. We're united as #OneTeam - people of knowledge, experience and passions who cooperate to help our customers achieve their goals!

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