Tim Salmonson's Testimonial: How Pinnacle Ai CRM Transformed Social Economic Enterprises

June 26, 2023

Tim Salmonson, CEO of Social Economic Enterprises, discusses how Pinnacle Ai CRM's robust features and unique approach to storage transformed his business. Watch now to learn more.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim Salmonson, CEO, Social Economic Enterprises

Can you describe a time or how Pinnacle Ai has helped you?

Tim Salmonson: Pinnacle has been an amazing asset for our business. It has so many features, it's got text messaging email campaigns, landing pages website. Of course, helps you with all your CRM customer relation management software. So it is very robust and they are constantly new features being rolled out. And that's one of the things I love about Charles and his team is that they're constantly improving and are always accessible and available 24/7. So that's one thing I love about the Pinnacle system.

How would you describe Pinnacle Ai in three words?

Tim Salmonson: Pinnacle is for me, a vital business tool.

What's the best thing about Pinnacle Ai that makes it unique?

Tim Salmonson: One of the many things that makes Pinnacle unique is that they have, it seems like limitless storage and all the other CRM’s that I looked into seem to always charge on the number of clients that you're uploading the amount of data that you're using. And one of the things that I love about Pinnacle is that they, they don't charge based on how often or how much you're using the software or the service. So I love that about them.

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