Tim Colson for Phonesites Experts Testimonial

May 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tim Colson, Tri State Legacy Group

Introduce yourself, and describe how Phonesites Experts recently helped you or your business.

Tim Colson: Hey there, my name is Timothy Colson and I am a phone sites user and I've had a recent experience with Todd. I've also had a few recent experiences with joseph compton and steve. I've had an amazing experience. Uh Today I actually had a consult with Todd and he walked me through um a couple of different ways to ramp up my consulting business and really bring a lot of value to the real estate market that I'm going to be serving and the insurance agent said I'm gonna be serving. So super thankful. I feel super blessed by this community. I've been in the group a very short period of time. Um I've made back my money and then some and I really joined because I saw an opportunity to be able to bring a lot of value to the people that I serve and I couldn't be happier with my phone sites experience. So thank you Todd, you're the bomb. I love the ducks. Let's do it. Let's keep growing, keep building. And if you're thinking about getting phone sites, I would highly encourage you, especially if you're a marketer and you're looking to easily implement strategies for your clients.

How did Phonesites Experts go above and beyond for you?

Tim Colson: um So I mean I can't say enough, I mean joseph compton, it's I want to say that it's just hard, it's the whole community, you know, I mean I feel like um joseph he It took 15 minutes to walk through a review of my digital business card with me this past Monday morning, he gave really solid feedback um feedback that I was able to easily implement and enhance the digital business card. I made um steve has been nothing but a huge support um I know steve from outside of phone sites in the insurance industry um but it's his success that initially drew me to have interest in phone sites and since I've been a part of it um he's had a constant, he's allowed me to get on his calendar and he's given me a lot of like great insight on my agency and the future that my business is heading in and then Todd man, I just can't say enough about Todd. Um He gave a super valuable class last friday um and he allowed me to get some time on his calendar today and he actually went over the allotted time but he gave so much value like in terms of like the information that he gave me to implement into my marketing agency um and he's just a really good guy like and and I think that's the biggest thing, it's aside from the fact that each one of those people I mentioned, they're going above and beyond, they're like regular dudes that really care about the people in the group and that means more to me than anything because I know at the end of the day they have my best interests at heart and they're really like digging deep with the questions that they ask so they can give me information, um that's truly going to benefit my business and my clients, so super appreciative.

What advice would you give other users who need Expert help?

Tim Colson: the advice that we give other people that need help. Understanding the software. Um Just engage, engage in the group. The facebook group is just chock full of information. It's also chock full of people that want to help and they want to give honest feedback and it's truly a community that I feel like they want to see everybody win, like everybody wants to see everybody else win. Um I don't see competition is like a real thing. I think that there's cooperation. Um I think there's opportunities for people to network and combine skill sets and leverage each other's strengths. And I see that all throughout the phone sites community. So um if you have problems or if you need help with anything, just engage the moderators are there um to as a resource and they're more than willing to engage with you and give feedback and help you in any way that you need. So

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