Thomas Scott testimonial video

August 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Thomas Scott, CEO

Could you describe the level of customer service that you receive from tidysquares?

Thomas Scott: Tidy squares has been an excellent vendor partner for our franchise system and for our franchisees at up closets, the level of customer service is exceptional and we've worked with manufacturing partners all over North America and it's been one of the best we've worked with.

Why is tidysquares limited different from other similar products or services?

Thomas Scott: Tidy squares is a unique manufacturing partner. They have very sophisticated software. We've been able to develop that software. As partners, they listen to our feedback, the pricing that we get is much better and very competitive in the market. And they've been really good to adapt suggestions if we need a different draw style, different hardware style, different type of library. They've been a good partner to have us and they've scaled as we've grown over the years at up closets.

After testing out other design tools in the market, how would you rate tidysquares' ecabsolutions design tool?

Thomas Scott: The collaborative software that we use with tidy squares, the EAP solutions and live storage kind of combo that we use in our business is for our experience the best in the market. It's the most forward thinking it solves some of the legacy problems that software for other software systems have. And we much prefer it. I wish everybody used that software and we're excited about watching in advance and giving our own feedback and helping them develop it for our business model at up Closet.

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