Adam Mcdonald for Video Testimonials

July 26, 2022

Adam Mcdonald for Video Testimonials

Video Transcript

Speaker: Adam Mcdonald

Would you be willing to leave a quick video testimonial for VIP Club?

Adam Mcdonald: I've really really enjoyed working with Lucas. He's been always available to help me with any questions I have in regard to V. I. P. Club. Uh Not only that he acts really quickly on making any changes that we need done for our campaigns, which I really appreciate because the last thing that I want is to be you know bugging someone to get something done for my business. Um And you know dealing with Lucas is never I never have to you know worry about that. Which is a very big blessing. And he's also just a great guy, very personable, easy to talk to, easy to work with. So yeah those are just a couple of things that I really enjoy about working with Lucas and uh you know V. I. P. Club in itself has been a really great boost for my business too. So I'd like to add that. Thanks.

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