Sandra Kent for Your Plan Experiences

August 19, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sandra Kent

What’s your name? Where are you from? And tell us one thing that is not commonly known about you?

Sandra Kent: Hi, my name is Sandra Kent and I'm from the Omaha Nebraska area. Um, I'm pretty old, I think I'm older than dan by a good bit. Um, and this looked very interesting and every possible way that I could make a mistake. I did, uh, every time I tried to start something, just from the very beginning, I would fail. Um, I felt like I was a horse trying to run a race with hobbles on my legs and I must have sent the support team hundreds of questions and they're very patient, but I'm hoping that, uh, I can still continue to learn and do better. I'm very interested in the mentoring program that he talked about early in this last recording, so hopefully that will help me as well.

How has The Plan changed your life?

Sandra Kent: How has the plan changed my life? Well, so far it hasn't because I still work full time. I still have a side job that I work full time. So this is stuff that I work on when I have free time, which is not very often. So I work on it on the weekend usually. So it hasn't hasn't changed my life yet. I'm hoping that it will and I'm hoping that um with enough help from the team, I'll get it, I'll understand it and I'll start to see some results eventually.

If you could ask Dan Hollings just one question what would it be?

Sandra Kent: one question that I would ask, Dan Hollings, um I guess I wonder if he goes through all of these types of moments and incorporates some of our responses into his training for future classes, because I certainly stumbled so many times in just trying to set up an exchange, just trying to get money, even a small amount of money deposited into an accessible account. And I think all of the mistakes that I made and the failures that I had might help future classes be able to see, see success faster.

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