Matt Morano for The Paperless Agent Customer Testimonial Video

September 07, 2022

MC Member Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Morano

How long have you been a real estate agent and using the marketing club?

Matt Morano: I've been a real estate agent since late 2017 and I became a marketing club member about a year ago.

What was the biggest problem the marketing club has solved for you?

Matt Morano: I love doing video and I've struggled to find good video topics. But what I love about the marketing club is every month your M. V. P. Program gives you scripts and tips and examples on how to do those videos and then you can just go at it and take off and and use them. And that's been great for me to post on facebook instagram and other places including Youtube shorts. And I love having those monthly topics and all the well affiliated social media posts that are generated by the marketing club as well. Really allows me to do lots of posting and saves me a lot of time researching those topics.

Why is The Paperless Agent different from other similar products or services?

Matt Morano: I think the paperless agent is different from other products and services out there in that you get a lot and I mean a lot for just a little bit of money. So you know, real estate agents were famously frugal and me included. So I think it's a well worth the monthly fee and I'm the type of agent that likes to do that things hands on by myself. So I love having the full menu of things on the M. V. P. Uh you know, side of things as well as going back and looking at templates and all the meetings that are scheduled that we can watch either live or taped. So there's just so many offerings for such little cost. It's just such a tremendous value.

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