Mary Anglin for The Paperless Agent Customer Testimonial Video

November 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mary Anglin

How long have you been a real estate agent and using the marketing club?

Mary Anglin: I've been a real estate agent for 8.5 years and I've been with the Paperless Agent Marketing Club for 6.5 years.

What was the biggest problem the marketing club has solved for you?

Mary Anglin: Before joining Paperless Agent, I did not have an online presence at all. But that changed. After I joined Paperless, I was able to set up a good, strong profiles on numerous platforms, and now the majority of my clients come after finding me online. It's certainly a lot more effective than just using the old school ways of prospecting, and it establishes the know, like and trust factor even before you've met someone.

Why is The Paperless Agent different from other similar products or services?

Mary Anglin: I've explored numerous other real estate coaches and mentors, and most of them really don't teach anything new. A lot of them focused just on scripts and dialogues. But paperless Agent Marketing Club is different and that it teaches, they teach agents the most up to date practices and teaches us how to personalize those and make them our own. And they provide a plethora of materials that are new every month.

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