Patti and David Testimonial for The Musil Law Firm

August 30, 2023

Patti and David describe their positive experience of obtaining a green card with The Musil Law Firm.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Patti and David

Introduce yourself, and describe how The Musil Law Firm recently helped you.

Patti and David: I'm David and this is my wife, Patti, and we recently chose The Musil Law Firm to help us in obtaining David's green card.

Why would you recommend The Musil Law Firm to a friend or loved one?

Patti and David: I would recommend Mr. Musil because he was very professional while maintaining that personal touch. He was always very responsive when we tried to make contact with him. His expertise in this area was invaluable to us. He prepared us for every step of the journey with details and told us exactly what to expect along the way, and he was always correct.

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