Porcha Williams | The MOVEMETOTX Team

August 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Porcha Williams, Realtor, The MoveMeToTX Team

What attracted you to the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Porcha Williams: What attracted me to the MOVEMETOTX team was one I had a coworker who moved over from a brokerage that we were both working at to the MOVEMETOTX team. So I was following her journey and I loved all of the community based work that they did in the neighborhood for local businesses. And in addition to that, I like the fact that they had really nice marketing material.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Porcha Williams: One of the things that I love about my role with the MOVEMETOTX team is that I'm a buyer's agent. And so I love the fact that I'm able to help people purchase sometimes their first home. And so I love being a part of their journey, and I love being able to guide them through the entire process.

What did you like most about the training program with the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Porcha Williams: The part I like the most about the training is that its hands on. I like the fact that we did a lot of role playing, objection handling and, going over the contracts and detailed, really helps. So I like that it was a very thorough, intense, training and I felt like it was very productive and I was able to attain a lot of that information.

What stands out to you about the culture at The MOVEMETOTX Team, Real Broker?

Porcha Williams: The number one thing that stands out to me about the MOVEMETOTX team and Real brokerage is that it makes me feel like we're a family. Like we have a lot of trainings that we can hop on zoom or virtually to attend. Um, l like I'm abandoned if I have questions I know who I can call on, if I need help, my teammates are there to help me. So it really feels like a family outside of my immediate family. So that was a real big factor for me and I really like that.

What do you like most about Real Broker, LLC?

Porcha Williams: The thing I like most about Real brokerage is all the available training that they have.

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