Michael Brand | The MOVEMETOTX Team

August 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michael Brand, @mikebrandrealestate

What attracted you to the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Michael Brand: What attracted me to the MOVEMETOTX team is the fun energy that comes with it all. It's not your just run of the mill white collar real estate team. It's a, it's much more approachable.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Michael Brand: My favorite part about being on the team is definitely the collaboration aspect. We genuinely do work as a team. We help each other, whether it's showing a home or giving advice on a tricky scenario or situation that we're not used to. And the role play and the constant learning, we're constantly trying to better ourselves and each other, and that's my favorite part.

What did you like most about the training program with the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Michael Brand: My favorite part about the training, aside from the content and how it's prepared me for the actual role as a REALTOR®, is the, the consistency and the amount of training we get. It's super easy to get lost in 2-3-4 hour seminars of training versus, okay, let's meet for 30 minutes a week, twice a week, three times a week. Whatever it is, it's a lot more digestible at that point, it seems, in my opinion, much more helpful.

What stands out to you about the culture at The MOVEMETOTX Team, Real Broker?

Michael Brand: What stands out to me about the culture is the fact that we're actually all friends. We actually do get along and we hang out outside of work, we help each other through things whether it's work related or not. We we do get along and we are friends and it's not just your typical water cooler talk at a normal white collar office. We do get along, we get together for happy hours and yeah, we actually enjoy each other's company.

What do you like most about Real Broker, LLC?

Michael Brand: What I like the most about Real Broker is the fact that it's so young and willing to grow and willing to put effort into the people to, to help grow So it's, you know, it's really easy with larger brokerages to kind of get lost in the weeds of everything. But with Real, everybody plays a pretty integral role in the growth of Real as a brokerage.

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