Anna Perez | MOVEMETOTX Team

August 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Perez, @realtorannaperez

What attracted you to the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Anna Perez: So I found Katie Day on instagram and I just thought her content was amazing. I thought her platform provided a sense of community, it was very informative and helpful and I really looked to that content whenever I had questions. And so I reached out to her, I was able to take part in her accelerator program and eventually joined the team afterwards. And I can say that meeting Katie via social media platform and then meeting her in person, she's exactly representative of what she puts out on social media, so friendly, enthusiastic to help people uh and just inspiring. So I definitely value her as a coach and a mentor and I'm happy to be part of this team.

Could you share a few details about the favorite part of your role and the team at the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Anna Perez: So I would say that my favorite part of my role is connecting with individuals, right? I love being on the phone and asking those important questions that help me find the perfect home for my clients. It's one of the biggest transactions in these individuals lives and I'm happy to take part of that and help guide them through the process. And then I know if I have any questions, I can always turn to my team and those core values really show up with everyone on the team. And so teamwork, cooperation, just always being able to lean on each other. We have a very open communication system if you will in the office. And so I'm just glad that I can turn to them if I have any questions.

What did you like most about the training program with the MOVEMETOTX Team?

Anna Perez: The training with the MOVEMETOTX team is off the charts. It's amazing. So if you ever have any question, any concern, Katie and Ryan are available to answer or ease those concerns, they walk you through every step of a transaction. They, you know, there are no dumb questions. And so I am just happy to have taken part in the accelerator program and even beyond the program, they are there to assist us, and the team with any questions we have. And so I am beyond grateful to have been able to be part of this team and can't say enough good things about the training.

What stands out to you about the culture at The MOVEMETOTX Team, Real Broker?

Anna Perez: What stood out to me in regards to the culture of the MOVEMETOTX was how genuine all the team members and how Katie and Ryan are, they truly want you to succeed and they're giving you all the tools you need to succeed. And so it's just about implementing those in your daily activities and being able to pick up the phone and ask questions whenever you need to and not being afraid to ask those questions. And so the culture of just being able to lean on each other and it's not about competition, it's about mindset and accountability and honoring your decisions and so just very genuine people on the team, very genuine team leader. We have and really wants to see us succeed. And so I am again beyond grateful to be on this team.

What do you like most about Real Broker, LLC?

Anna Perez: What I love about real brokerage is that sense of community. We have so much connection despite not having, like a brick and mortar office. We have workspace and we have the real app and we have the support team and we have Michael, and it's just so much connection. And I know that I can turn to them whenever I have questions or concerns. And I know that they're there for me. And so I am very happy to be part of this brokerage.

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