Frankie & Josh for Customer Review Video

October 05, 2022

The Mortgage Pod customer review from First time Buyers, Frankie & Josh.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Frankie & Josh

What did you enjoy most about working with The Mortgage Pod?

Frankie & Josh: I think the thing we enjoyed most was the fact of just how EASY it was. Um, obviously buying a house is going to be one of the most expensive, stressful things you'll ever do. And actually, with Steve's help, it was just so... SIMPLE.

Frankie & Josh: I think the thing we enjoyed most was the fact that when we went into this process, we were told it was going to be the most stressful thing we'll ever do, and actually was with Steve's help, It was absolutely fine.

How would you describe The Mortgage Pod in three words?

Frankie & Josh: I'd have to say PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE.... HELPFUL. ... HELPFUL.

How did The Mortgage Pod improve your home buying journey?

Frankie & Josh: I think it was it was really easy because Steve was always there, on WhatsApp or on the end of the phone, so it's always easy to get in contact with him if he had any issues, questions and he was ALWAYS THERE to reassure us and it was just really SMOOTH, plain sailing. It also helped for the fact that he didn't make you feel silly for asking questions Um, we've spoken to other mortgage brokers previously and it always felt like you were either putting them out when you were asking a question or they make you feel daft for asking the question. So talking to Steve was just like talking it through it with a mate.

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