Share Your Story - Unamed Respondant with Beautiful Tree Alagory

January 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Un-edit version for chevre only, Un-edit version for chevre only

Un-edit version for chevre only: There's a tree in my backyard and every year about right now it throws all its leaves. A lot of leaves. And then later, it gets yellow flowers and all the yellow pollen falls on the ground. And then those yellow flowers turn into pods. And all those pods fall on the ground. And I used to curse that tree for five months that went through all these cycles. It annoyed me. So much mess in my backyard, in my pool, in my hot tub... And then I took Kabbalah classes. And I decided to make friends with the tree. And let it do its thing. And not get annoyed with it. So, now I'm perfectly content with my tree. All the time. And that tree is just a metaphor for my life. And thanks to Kabbalah, I'm much more at peace. With everything. It's all okay. I'm more able to live in the here and now with the things that happened to me in my life. I'm at peace. I truly am. And I thank Kabbalah for that.

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