Cindy Ratekin- Share Your Story

August 30, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cindy Ratekin, Kabbalah Centre Student

Cindy Ratekin: The first question is share in which area of your life you've seen the most profound positive impact through the study of Kabbalah. I've seen the most impact things to Kabbalah through addressing my tendency to worry, which has been life changing. Reading that space has allowed so much goodness and light to enter my life. Question two is describe what it means to you to have achieved these transformations by achieving this transformation, which is definitely a work in progress. I have started to see miracles in life every day that I was missing before. Instead of focusing on trying to change those around me and wishing they were more like me. I'm now seeing the gift of their uniqueness. I do not feel compelled to try to offer suggestions to others, but have come to see that each of us are on our own path. The third question, how would you describe the person you've become since studying Kabbalah, since focusing on the study of Kabbalah, I have become different. I've grown closer to my best self by a shift toward more compassion and a simple simplification of life's issues. Life is less confusing. Um past issues have healed and I definitely have less fear of the future. Three phrases on what studying Kabbalah means to me, freedom from worry, learning to live with certainty and becoming more aware of my purpose in life.

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