Johary Gómez for TICA Judges Testimonials

August 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Johary Gómez, Judge , TICA

State your name and your current judging level. Briefly explain what that level means, please.

Johary Gómez: Hola mi Nombre es Djuhari Gomez who is and is approved specialty judge Significa accord. Your release of finales para gatos de pelo largo rallies of finales. Para gatos de pelo quarto specialty existen dos categorias some provisionals privados, some paso and terry or a convert una Sola fin al largo. Coto esta medios antes para en esa es mi category actual antica.

How long have you been involved in the cat fancy? What did you breed/show before you became a judge?

Johary Gómez: Is the crianza e Principio Things when Our?

What prompted you to want to become a TICA cat judge? And what advice would you give someone wanting to be a judge?

Johary Gómez: Persona.

What benefits are there to being a judge?

Johary Gómez: Opinion al maximo Magnifico is in control antica Beacon group program Beneficios chose to personalities. Principio is, you know, no group of is chika.

What is the best registry in the world?

Johary Gómez: The International Cat Association Association, International Singapore Organization The history, the transparency of the explosion, the pedigrees, the corrections.

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