Don Caruthers for The International Cat Association Video Testimonials

September 02, 2022

Fate Mayes a TICA Treasure

Video Transcript

Speaker: Don Caruthers

Introduce the TICA Treasure

Don Caruthers: Good evening. I'm speaking to you this evening to introduce a new tick a treasure. This year's recipient has international awards for both Persians and Abyssinian. He was always there to volunteer and he was always Georgia's assistant. In the early days, we referred to him as the slide guy. He was always there to help set up the regionals and the international awards banquet, putting the plaques out and handing them out. He's always there. His judging career began began in 1991 and he has sponsored multiple current judges on our judging panel. He served as a moderator for many judging schools and breed seminars and I traveled with him a lot and I remember he would always climb on board the airplane with an ample supply of diet coke because he doesn't like Pepsi and a lot of the airlines serve Pepsi cola. And he's a coke guy. He was always bring his newspaper and would always try to book our return flight so that we could catch the air the same hotel or transportation back to the airport. Well, he would always want to take a five a.m. Or 5 35 45 flight. So he would make his connecting flight in plenty of time in Dallas and or Houston And I'm not a morning person. He served as a president as Tica president and and the south central regional director. Congratulations Fate Mais. You're our new Tikka treasurer

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