TICA Judges Testimonials

August 29, 2022

Video Transcript

State your name and your current judging level. Briefly explain what that level means, please.

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How long have you been involved in the cat fancy? What did you breed/show before you became a judge?

And the cat fancy involved institution seems as when I asked until cuts and get solved. Uh, sushi, american curl owned ragdoll before ragdoll. We have american curl biggest act british city Wildcats and kim monks Scottish. And this noise cornish rex as I was leaving on de qualitative in on this vision. Even for, as in Oscar ST, if you have an antique club sites, white hose and irons, well written shows for installing shows for Utica, um, masters as the annual show also hide from north America. That's what 5006 in Hanover in Deutschland. You're in schism. Cindy aside.

What prompted you to want to become a TICA cat judge? And what advice would you give someone wanting to be a judge?

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What benefits are there to being a judge?

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What is the best registry in the world?

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