Ralph Stadter for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ralph Stadter

What breed do you show/breed? state your name and breed

Ralph Stadter: Hello, My name is Dulce Data on with and the american curl CBS travel cats and kemmerich Scottish fold, british courts, cornish rex on our household pets.

Describe your breed. Show us a cat and tell why you love this breed and how your got involved with it. Why do you love it!!!

Ralph Stadter: Many writers and Zambia by Amy Field field site in the theater and start passing counter. We haven't kleine kinder on the cuts in their work from temperament isn't on the riders, hammonds and, first of all, from our sins, from temperament on the past.

What type of cat owner would you recommend this breed to and why?

Ralph Stadter: Rag dolls send amalgam. Mine's a leap and fresh. Most um, gana snitched Activa rasa, Bill, Abyssinian or the Bengals. Um, yeah, personal and good as familiar cuts as a decline in kingdom on cuts in order.

What brought you to TICA? What is one thing or more that you absolutely love about the association...anything! Judges, TFMS, format of shows

Ralph Stadter: Antigen finance for Bass managed X. We have lawyer ken garland on our victor on the gain and began a long and don't have any good excited.

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