Liz Brown for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 28, 2022

Video Transcript


What breed do you show/breed? state your name and breed

Liz Brown: I breed and show maine coon cats my name is Liz brown and my calorie ischemic owns and again they're Maine coon cats.

Describe your breed. Show us a cat and tell why you love this breed and how your got involved with it. Why do you love it!!!

Liz Brown: Maine coon cats are one of the largest domestic cats. They have long, rectangular bodies. They have big squared muzzles, large ears upright, not quite on top of the head butt off to the side a little bit. They have shaggy all weather coats. They're lovely companions. Some often say they're very dog like I love this breed um from the moment I met them, from the moment I met my first Maine coon, Just a glorious looking cat that I met originally and I thought I have to have one of those. I love all their quirky characteristics. They chirp and chatter, they splash and water and there again, just very, very dog, like very docile, friendly, friendly cats. I got involved when I was a graduate student and a professor adopted a Maine coon, the same color, brown, classic tabby and white. And as I said a minute ago, I just saw the cat and it was like nothing I'd ever seen before. I spent time learning about the cat. I adopted a pet who I showed as an altar. And then a few years later I decided I wanted to start breeding

What type of cat owner would you recommend this breed to and why?

Liz Brown: Maine coon cats do great in all types of home environments. I've placed cats successfully as single cats and with just one human all the way through to multi pet cats and dogs, birds, fish, um and multi humans from many adults to young Children. They really, really are great in any type of home. Sometimes there are kittens that are a little more shy and might need a quieter home. And then in that instance I look for the home without kids, maybe with one human or to humans. Um Some retirees that are home a lot can devote a lot of attention to them, whereas I have kittens often that are quite outgoing. That again really would do well in any situation. So they're just great companions.

What brought you to TICA? What is one thing or more that you absolutely love about the association...anything! Judges, TFMS, format of shows

Liz Brown: I came to see if a when I obtained my first breeding cat, my pets were registered in and shown in another association. And when I started breeding, I purchased a female from Attica breeder. And part of the requirement on the contract that I signed to obtain her was that I show her in Tika. And after my first show I was hooked. I never went back to that other association. I still haven't all these years later. And I just love Tika. I love Tika Tika primarily for the people, the friends that I've made. I have friends that I now consider family. And it's a wonderful association and I recommend it and it's cats to everyone.

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