Brian LaBovick for The Intake Playbook Video Testimonials

January 22, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brian LaBovick, LaBovick Law Group

What motivated you to enroll in The Intake & Client Advocacy Masterclass?

Brian LaBovick: In our firm, we have an intake department of about 20 people total. And for many years, I've been relying on Gary's generosity and his wisdom through his book to try to coach us into better intake and better sales on that front end phone department. And when he came out with his advocacy master class, I thought that this was a perfect way of training our team, training the management of our team and getting better as an organization and having uh the class itself has really made our entire organization better. So that's why. And that's what motivated me to enter the class and to get my team involved in it.

How has The Intake & Client Advocacy Masterclass impacted your law firm?

Brian LaBovick: It's amazing how well you can get your team to respond to the concept of a great client experience and um and great teamwork when you provide them with an education outside of just the highest level leadership in the firm. So what's what's interesting is that I can listen to the book or read the book, I can listen to Gary, I can learn the lessons. I can go into my team and I can teach them. And it's almost as if it hits their eardrum and falls out of their head. But when they do it in the master class, when they learn it in a class outside of the management of a team, they really incorporate it and they take it to heart and they learn more than when we just dictate down from on high saying this is what has to be done. So the impact is much greater and we've been trying to train them and train them over time. But this really was the differentiating factor between fighting them to learn these types of lessons and growing them as sales agents for the firm. And that's been amazing.

If there's one thing you could tell someone considering The Intake & Client Advocacy Masterclass, what would it be?

Brian LaBovick: What's the one thing that you would tell somebody considering to take the class? It would be, I guess if, if you do anything on the front end of your firm, if you're any part of the front end of the firm, whether you're a lawyer who's taking intake calls, whether you're a paralegal, who does intake calls or whether you're an intake professional who doesn't take calls. This type of class is spectacularly good sales training. It's human behavior training, it's client experience training and it brings out a lot of things that you need for your firm to compete in today's environment. So my thing would be, I guess the one thing would be to take a lot of notes because there's a lot to learn. And even though we've been doing this a lot, we still are learning a lot and it's amazing.

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