Sherri Fogelman Testimonial

November 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sherri Fogelman

Sherri Fogelman: Hi So before working with Dr Shaunna, I had a lot of knowledge about Nutrition, how women, you know, of a certain age over 50 or 45 should eat. But I had no idea how to attract the right kind of clients, how to design my business so that it fit my lifestyle or how to even run any kind of business or what to charge. I had no idea what to charge. And before I met Dr Shaunna um I was charging... in my mind, the number that I had in my mind, was way lower than I realized that I needed it to be and that frankly I was worth. Um because I knew I had the formula to help women um you know, get the help that they wanted to get. And I had the education I graduated. IIN but I had no idea how to structure any of this or how to make it... I just didn't have a vision um of what it should look like. So that's where what I was looking for when I found Dr Shaunna

Sherri Fogelman: So now after working with Dr Shaunna and The Health Professional Academy and also in the six figure... I have literally a six figure business that I love and adore. It's like my baby, I am so proud of it. I love working with my clients, I love waking up every morning, I... the results that I have are just incredible. I never thought that I would, when I joined Dr Shaunna that I would be able to... It's beyond my wildest dreams that after not working for 25 years, I would be able to reinvent myself in my dream career where I'm literally of service and helping women feel better and every day I just, I feel so good because I'm literally living in service to my clients and I have enough... I have a six figure business as she promised because I listened to everything that she said. But I have... the results are just incredible. Their specifics are, I have a six figure business, I have a business I love, I know how to run my business, I know how to do my numbers, which I never knew, I know what I should be charging and I know what I'm worth and it's just a great, great feeling. I feel really like I have a totally soul-satisfying signature program, 100%

Sherri Fogelman: So the experience working with Dr Shaunna is actually indescribable because it's the kind of thing where you don't know what you don't know and I knew I was gonna get a soul satisfying six figure business, I was confident that I was gonna be that person and I... I'm addicted to it, I keep telling her I'm never leaving because every month and every week and I never miss a call and I absorb everything and I listen to what she says, I do what she says and it does what... the system does work. And my favorite part I would say is the incredible, working in the whole year program, is really actually the mindset part which I never actually thought that I would say this because I was really late to the game when it came to changing your mindset because I'm like just mechanics, tell me what to do. And the mindset part of it really changed my entire business because I got emotionally involved. I just listened to everything she said and the mindset part of it which is just changing your mind about how you view everything, change the way you look at something and it all changes. And so, that actually now is my favorite part which in years before I thought that those kind of things were just woo woo. And of course I have a positive mindset, it's so much more than that. And she really, really gives you a lot of information and a lot of support when it comes to that part of it, it's not the fluff as she says, it's not the fluffy part, it's the real part. And so that actually is my favorite part of it. I mean, I love the mechanics of it because I'm a tell you... tell me what to do kind of person. So I listen to everything she said. I love the actually part where she tells you this is what you say, this is how you do it, this is how you approach it. Think about it this way, talk to your clients this way and so the tell me what to do part was incredible. But I think my favorite part now looking back, which I never would have said is the mindset piece of it which is changing your mind about how you feel about what you're worth, your money mindset, how you feel about working with clients and being you know, not trying to go out and hunt... fishing for clients, but attracting. Just that whole premise of just attracting the right person and the, and the... living in abundance that the right clients are gonna come to you. And it's so true because then if you, if you even apply that to the mechanics part of it, you don't even want clients that don't appreciate how you work and who you are. So I definitely, you know use her term which is I don't want to drag bodies across the finish line. I only want to attract people that really want to work with me. So, that is my favorite part is sort of changing how you view about how you're gonna work in this type of business, which is just being of service and giving and giving and giving, and it will come back to you.

Sherri Fogelman: So Dr Shaunna's way of helping you build your business is invaluable. I would tell someone who is considering it, 100% do it. No questions. It's worth so much more than she's charging. Shh, don't tell her because she's gonna raise their prices probably. It is worth so much more than that because you really can build a six figure business. And every week she is delivering new and improved information and updating, you know, how we're doing things and and coming up with new things. You know, teaching us how to do challenges and teaching us about difficult clients and just so many things... marketing. I mean I can't even name them but just new... every year and every, every month that I'm with her, it's a new and improved version of herself and of what she's giving to us. So I would say she gives so much, it's worth so much more than what she's charging. It's almost inexpensive. So and if you... that is if you listen and do what she says and really listen to what she says because there's nuances and you gotta come to calls and you've got to bring your questions to calls because... or at least listen to the recordings and participate and if you do you will get so much more out of it than than you're paying

Sherri Fogelman: So I've been with Dr Shaunna for I think about a year and a half, maybe going on two years because I can't leave because I'm just gonna say this again, she is constantly improving her program and sharing it with us. That's number one, number two is she genuinely cares about us and about our businesses and she wants she's on her side and there's no amount of questions, research, anything that she won't do, she gives us her all and there's nothing she won't do to make it happen for us. And every single person has a different kind of a business and every single person comes in with a different set of skills and she meets you where you are in the sense that she will, if you come to the table and you come to, to the meetings and you come to the zooms and you come to base camp and you participate in what she's asking you to come and show up. She will 100% show up for you. 150% show up for you even, she'll she'll go beyond what you think, she will.. she is going to be doing. It's incredible support and she just will not let you go until you succeed and she will get you there and she will give you everything she has without holding back. So that's what I would say about my experience is that I could not have done this, created a six figure business without Dr Shaunna. It's just that, the information and the mindset work is just invaluable and it keeps getting better every month. She is constantly improving and adding on to our experience. And I just want to say, I just can't... I just can't even thank... the appreciation and the gratitude is unbelievable. I have a business of my dreams and I'm actually impressed with myself and it has to do with Dr Shaunna but I did just listen to everything she said and I followed the system to a T.

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