Sherri Fogelman Testimonial

January 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sherri Fogelman

Sherri Fogelman: Hi So I'm Sherri Fogelman, I am thrilled to do this testimonial for Dr Shaunna because I joined her group when I was just graduating from IIN and I had no idea how to run a business, how to have goals, how to make money, what to charge nothing. I knew nothing about it, I was not a business person and a lot of us come into this not knowing anything about how to run a business and I was so grateful and so thankful, she's so accessible, After working with Dr Shaunna for almost a year, I've had 30 plus clients. I have an up and running business. I feel confident. Um I was not confident before because I had no idea what I was going to do. I was completely lost on how to get clients, how to talk to clients, how to attract the right client, how to have a niche. I didn't know any of that. I thought I was just going to help people get healthy. And I have learned so much. I'm almost a completely different person, like I'm running a business and I have amazing clients and I know how to attract the clients that I want to work with personally. She just has empowered me so much that it's actually kind of hard to describe. but she took me from not knowing what I was going to be doing when I graduated IIN and I really wanted to help people, I really wanted to be a health coach, to just go out into the world and I have an up and running business and I go out into the world and help people and I know how to do that, and I know how, I have the words to describe what I do. Which is very difficult, but it's just been incredible.

Sherri Fogelman: So over the past year I have had over 30 clients and I completely credit Dr Shaunna with that. I would not have been able to know how to speak to clients, to get on a call with them or any of it without the guidance and mentorship of Dr Shaunna. She just, every week on the calls, questions are answered. Things are the way that we, that I operate, with my clients and the way that I speak to people is just tweaked just a little bit. I started out going rogue um with but but now I've narrowed it down and I just love my niche and having the niche is just key and It's just been incredible and the results are that I have had over 30 clients and just I just feel successful and I have an up and running business.

Sherri Fogelman: So my favorite part of my entire week is meeting with Dr Shaunna. Getting on those calls is just gold, she just offers so much wisdom, so much support. Her way of communicating is really my favorite part and that's where I sort of feel connected is because her way of describing how we should be working in the world is just incredible. And so my favorite part is her really, her mentorship, her accessibility, The calls on Wednesdays are literally my favorite part of my week. I look forward to it, I rarely miss it, each week it's almost like you're in a mini retreat and she just makes herself available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays on these group calls and they're just incredible and the group support also I have to say is another favorite part. Getting to know these women and feeling the support and the camaraderie even on zoom, which is really, really hard these days, um it's just been really great. So I think my favorite part is her accessibility, her mentorship is incredible, her knowledge is incredible and her generosity is so apparent when you're on these calls, on the weekly group calls that you just feel like you could reach out and touch her and she just gives so much to us that it's palatable and the group, the group is also my favorite, I keep saying every week I keep I say to myself, oh my god I'm never leaving this group, I am never leaving because it's so valuable and it's such a journey that it does take time to sort of have everything sort of inculcate into you so that you become this business person that she wants you to become, she kind of births you into this business person. And that's how I feel. I really do feel like I was birthed by this whole process because I was not a business person before, I didn't know anything about running a business. I was a teacher and I really feel like how she communicates and how she nurtures us is really key to this whole process.

Sherri Fogelman: Anyone considering working with Dr Shaunna should run, don't walk, sign up. If you are considering and you want to have an up and running business, very quickly. She will be able to guide you through step by step. She's got so many resources, she makes herself available. She will become your mentor, your personal mentor. And you'll definitely never regret it. It's a great program, step by step. She will guide you through the physical steps of what to do because that's what I was struggling with. I didn't really know what to do. I'm always that person like tell me what to do and I'll do it. So if you don't know what to do but also mindset, if you've got negative self talk, if you've got doubts, she will, she will bring you home. Trust me, so run, don't walk. That's my advice to anyone considering hiring Dr Shaunna. It is a no brainer.

Sherri Fogelman: So the last thing I want to say is I am just so incredibly grateful to Dr Shaunna and her team. What they've, the program that they've put together is just a really warm, inviting community that is so supportive and encouraging and she covers all the bases meaning that not only did I learn the step by step really um nitty gritty in the weeds like what to do with my business and how to proceed, whatever happened in my business. But also the mindset work like she doesn't miss a beat, the important mindset work that I tend to ignore. She really really, not only encourages but makes it very clear that that is a very very important part of running a successful business and so they just, soup to nuts. She covers everything and make sure that everybody feels, welcome, encouraged, you know even if you stumble, it's a learning experience, it's just you feel very enveloped by the whole thing and just it's a growth experience. It's been a personal growth experience for me not being in the business world for 20 plus years and not even coming from a business background. I just felt like she made it so user friendly because we are running a business and she wants us to, feel like we're the CEO of our own business and many health coaches go into this business and they don't know anything about running a business and she just makes it so user friendly and accessible that it's just has been an incredible personal growth experience for me all around, so thank you.

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