Mary Hopkins THPA Testimonial

February 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mary Hopkins

Mary Hopkins : Hi, I'm Mary Hopkins and I empower moms to lose weight, regain energy and find their voice so they can live life on purpose. Something I love to do. Before I started to work with Dr Shaunna, I was not entirely sure of my own personal voice as a coach. I didn't know exactly who I was meant to serve, I just knew that I wanted to help people and I found myself just kind of mimicking the information that I had been given by my school that certified me as a health coach, which was wonderful. But it wasn't personal. and Dr Shaunna has made it so much more than personal.

Mary Hopkins : Since beginning to work with Dr Shaunna, I went from being a brand new health coach, someone with great intentions to now a business owner, an individual who has a clear vision of what it is that my business can accomplish, what I would like to do as an entrepreneur, and I have a method and a system for how to achieve those goals. I'm no longer hoping that clients will find me. I have a very exact protocol as to how to offer my program to individuals, how to present what it is that I exactly do. I can speak succinctly about my expertise and I have a clear path for inviting individuals into a working relationship with me, one that is mutually beneficial to the client and to me as a business owner.

Mary Hopkins : My favorite part of working with Dr Shaunna is that she is authentic. What you see is what you get and she is literally the same person every time you encounter her. She's very successful and she's a real person. She has made herself accessible to all of us and her expertise and her knowledge are just wide open. Her passion for helping us succeed has no limits, her creativity and how she will communicate, the tenants of successful building blocks to all of us are just limitless. She's incredibly patient, you can ask her the same thing over and over and over. I know because I've done it and she will give you a fresh caring response every time. She will listen to whatever concerns, whatever stumbling blocks you're running into and really try to stand in your shoes with you look at the problem with you and then communicate a customized, specific, a strategic response. One that you can then work with. There's something else that I've been extremely fond of Dr Shaunna for is her approach in asking me if the advice that she is giving me is something that I can work with. So it's not one size fits all. It's not, you know, here's your answer, Go and do it. You know, we could all get that from reading a book but she's very interested in me personally being successful and so anytime she's offering me guidance, she's giving me the opportunity to check in with myself and see if it's something that I can not only try on, but something that I can make work. I really appreciate Dr Shaunna for that.

Mary Hopkins : It's easy for me to cheerfully and wholeheartedly give a recommendation to anyone thinking of working with Dr Shaunna that they should do it. I've given that recommendation before. I'll probably give it again if I get the opportunity. Dr Shaunna is incredibly knowledgeable and she cares about people, she doesn't just care about you, she cares about all the people that you are meant to serve. So her heart for this mission that she has is incredibly full and it's pure. She has the goods. So I would definitely pick Dr Shaunna as someone to mentor you as an entrepreneur. She has built a health coaching business, she understands the pitfalls of it and she can advise you as to how to be successful.

Mary Hopkins : There will always be a before and after period in my life. It will be before I started to work with The Health Professional Academy and Dr Shaunna specifically. And then there will be the after. The woman that I was, the vision that I had for my business before The Health Professional Academy and Dr Shaunna was entirely different than who I am today. There's been an incredible mark for good, made upon me by her passion, her enthusiasm, her talent and I am incredibly grateful.

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