Mallorie Williams THPA Testimonial

October 05, 2021

Mallorie Williams shares her experience working with Dr Shaunna and The Health Professional Academy.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mallorie Williams

What was it like BEFORE working with Dr Shaunna and THPA? What problem(s) were you trying to solve?

Mallorie Williams: Hey, I'm Mallorie, I'm a certified Integrative nutrition health coach and I teach women how to balance their blood sugar so that they can overcome anxiety, increase their energy and have more mental clarity so that they can show up for the ones that they love and get back to enjoying their lives. Before I started working with Dr Shaunna I was really confused about who it was that I even wanted to work with. I wasn't sure if I wanted to work with men, women, teens, moms, singles, wives, it was all very confusing. and I also was really confused about what it meant logistically to even have a health coaching business. I knew that I wanted to set financial goals for myself, but I wasn't sure one how to do that or two how to reach them. It was all very overwhelming and I spent a lot of time in that confusion and um paralysis by analysis state.

What difference and results have you noticed since working with working with Dr Shaunna and THPA?

Mallorie Williams: Since working with Dr Shaunna, what I've realized makes me most successful is when I have a clear road map to success. I've learned that I am able to be a more effective health coach by knowing exactly who it is that I work with, by knowing exactly what goals I have for myself and my business, and having a clear, actionable plan in terms of reaching those goals.

What was your overall experience like working with Dr Shaunna and THPA? What was your favourite part?

Mallorie Williams: My overall experience working with Dr Shaunna and the Health Professional Academy has been fun, exciting, It's been challenging at times and also really super rewarding. I can't believe honestly the amount of growth that I've experienced since I first started to where I'm at right now. My favorite part though has definitely been the fact that I have built community with other people who are working towards similar goals. I find sometimes that entrepreneurship can be really lonely and so to be surrounded by other people that you can relate to, who are also going through similar things and who you can learn from and share experiences with has been so, so good for me on a personal level and on a professional level.

What would you tell someone who's considering working with Dr Shaunna and THPA?

Mallorie Williams: What I would say to someone who is considering working with Dr Shaunna and the Health Professional Academy is that you really won't find another online community like this. As long as you show up and are willing to be coachable, you learn, you apply what you learn. Your success really is inevitable. Dr Shaunna means that when she says she is 110% committed to your success. I've seen that in my experience and I see her continue to pour that out into clients on a daily basis.

Anything else you would like to share about your experience?

Mallorie Williams: But ultimately, working with Dr Shaunna has been about more than just having a thriving health coaching business. Working with Dr Shaunna has taught me so much outside of just having a business. This is much more than just business coaching. I really feel that I am equipped with skills and tools that will take me through the rest of my life. I really feel that I've learned so much outside of business that is also applicable to my personal life as well as my professional life. Um it's been such a great experience and something that I hold so close to my heart and I'm forever grateful for. Um I love Dr Shaunna and I love the Health Professional Academy and I really can't say enough good things about it.

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