Rachelle Fletcher for Event Attendee Testimonials

November 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachelle Fletcher

How did you hear about the gathering?

Rachelle Fletcher: Hi, my name is Rochelle fletcher and I just wanted to share my experience about the gathering. You know, it's been incredible to gather together with so many other believers to come together to worship, to come together and pray and to just let the Holy Spirit have its have room to move. We give the Holy Spirit the whole room when we gather and we want you to come and experience it. My daughter actually got very, very, very touched at our first gathering. She was in the back of the room and there were several people that joined around her and began to pray and God did something miraculous in her heart and someone encourage you to come and be a part of the gathering. It has changed her life and I know what was yours too.

What drew you to attend an event like this?

Rachelle Fletcher: I think what drew me to come to the gathering is because um the Lord gave a submission for it, and um the reason why I want to come to an event like this is because it's different than church. It's something that's in addition to church, and I think it's a great way to just join together and um from people with with people from all different churches and all different backgrounds. That's what I love about it. So I think the draw is to a place where the Holy Spirit can really have room to move and deep ministry happens.

What was one of the most impactful things the Lord did for you or someone else you know who attended the Gathering?

Rachelle Fletcher: So my daughter was very touched at the first gathering. She was just standing at the back of the room and ladies began to gather around her and pray. And the Lord did something absolutely miraculous in her heart. She had a lot of despair and she'd been dealing with some illness and sickness and you know, it really messed with her mind. And so the just having people around her surrounding her that could be a part of that community to lift her up. It was everything that she needed in. The Lord did a miracle and touched her life tremendously.

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